Warranty & Guarantee

All of Heartland Braided Rug products come with a warranty and guarantee


Heartland Braided Rug products are made from high-quality yarn and mono-filament thread. We also use the same high-quality yarn for the braid's core. Some manufacturers use other material; such as paper for the core of the braid. We use extra strong mono-filament thread similar to fishing thread which holds our rugs together better than other materials such as cotton. Our rugs are built to last. Due to the high quality of materials and craftsmanship of our rugs, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on the sewing stitches. If the sewing stitches fell simply return the rug to us for repair.

The only limits to our warranty are the shipping charges. The customer is always responsible for shipping the rug back to us. We will cover the return shipping to the customer during the first year after that the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping both ways.


Heartland Braided Rugs guarantee that every braided rug we sell lies well and is custom made to order. Our braided rug products are made using a 3-carrier braider which simply makes our rugs look better. Other manufactures use 5-carrier braiders. When you think of braids you think of a traditional braid made from 3 pieces of yarn or hair being braided together not 5. A rug made from a 5-carrier braider simply can't match the look of a rug made from a 3-carrier braider.


Keep in slight variation in dye lots may occur. Our rugs are NOT guaranteed against fuzzing or color fastness. Rug padding to keep the rug from sliding are recommended for all surfaces.