Cleaning and Caring for your Heartland Braided Rugs

Unpackaging, Laying and Placing Your Rug

Unbox your rug or unwrap your rug. Center the rug as desired and unroll the rug. If wrapped around a tube use the tube or you hands to sweep the rug in a windshield wiper fashion to remove any air pockets or wrinkles that may have set in during shipping. For complete fullness, use your hands to push the rug from the center out. Room size rugs are often folded to conform to UPS Shipping requirements. If your rug was folded, their will be a crease when you first unroll the your rug. This crease can be worked out by reversing the fold and using the tube as a rolling pin on the creased area of the rug. Your rug is fully reversible, although yarn splices may be more noticeable on one side. For the most even wear, you should turn your rug over once a year.

Cleaning and Caring For Your Rug

Yarn ends and short pieces of sewing thread will eventually work up to the surface, just as carpet does. When this happens, use sharp scissors and cut the thread or yarn off flush with the surface of the rug, taking care not to cut or pull the sewing stitches. Never pull on the sewing threads. Your rug is sewn using the best quality mono-filament industrial sewing thread available. However, if you accidentally cut a sewing stitch you can hand stitch the cut by using a needle and thread and sewing the tear with a zig-zag stitch. We will be happy to repair the rug for you at no charge; you are responsible for the freight to and from the manufacturer in this case. Sewing kits are also available for $5.00. You should clean your rug as you would carpet. Spot clean with any commercial rug and carpet cleaner, steam clean, or use mild soap and water. You can even wash your rug in the washing machine using cold water. Be sure to lay your rug flat to dry. NEVER use cleaners that contain chlorine, ammonia, or that have an alkaline level less then 4 (all commercial carpet cleaners are suitable). If you shake your rug out, please be sure to roll the end, then grasp the roll to shake. Do NOT shake with out putting a small roll on the end you are holding. When vacuuming the rug, use the suction cycle ONLY, making sure the "beater bar" is not turning.