Heartland Braided Rugs offers the most colors and patterns!


Color selection is very important when it comes to selecting any home decor. Heartland Braided Rugs provides a large selection of colors for you to choose from for your area rugs, chair pads, stair treads, heart rugs, or other braided rug product. In addition you can always customize your own braid with your own color selections.

Heartland Braided Rugs Colors:

  • 29 Solid Colors - A few of our must popular are Navy, Country Red, Williamsburg Blue, Moss Green, Oatmeal, Cream.
  • 20 Two Check Color Combinations - All of our solid colors are available in a two color check braid with Oatmeal. In addition we offer a number of other two color check braids.
  • 16 Three Color Combinations - Beautiful three color check combinations for a solid style rug or to be used in a pattern.
  • Over 50 Mix Color Combinations - We offer a large number of mix braids for use in patterns or as a solid color rug.
  • Custom Color Combinations - If you don't see a color combination you like than select your own colors for a custom color combination

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We have been making braided rugs for decades. Over the years we have developed a number of patterns for our area rugs, runners, chair pads, stair treads, heart rugs, and other braided rug products.

Heartland Braided Rugs Patterns:

  • 6 Patterns - Solid, PW, OB, EX, P, W for Oval rugs, round rug, and runners (hall runners and table runners). Custom these patterns in 1000s of ways by selecting your colors for each band.
  • Solid / Banded (Border) - Chair pads, place mats, bench pads, and stair treads available in solid style with or without a band (border)
  • Heart Rugs - Are available in 3 patterns. Solid style or with one or two bands (borders)
  • Custom Pattern - Don't see a pattern you like then create your own. You are only limited by your imagination